May 112014

Sunday May 11.

This is only one view from our walk along the Orange trails.

Be advised: No attempt will be made to package the smell of warm, moist pine, warmth of sun on your face or the gentle breeze moving through the shady trees.

You’ll have to come out to experience those things for yourself.

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Apr 052014

I would call myself a winter person, but the old line, “how can I miss you if you won’t go away”, comes to mind.  It has been a great season for skiing, and while I haven’t physically put the skis away yet, I have lost my enthusiasm for winter.  I look forward to the same Monora trails in hues of green and brown.


Mar 232014
Mar 232014

Thank-you Lilla for sharing these.

Feb 192014

Mono Nordic Ski Club offers an opportunity for skiers of all levels to meet and ski with others every Wednesday afternoon at 3:00.

Ski @ Three

Ski @ Three

A line often heard this year is that if you live in Ontario, you must learn to embrace winter. It has been a good year for snow, so why not play in it while it is here. Our local Mono Nordic Ski Club offers a fun, social option.
Imagine perfectly set tracks in Monora Park that help you to stay in control while skiing, a forest that shelters you from the wind, and folks of all abilities to partner with for an hour or so of skiing followed by coffee and conversation in the warmth of the Monora Pavillion.
This is Mono Nordic’s Ski @ Three, which meets every Wednesday afternoon for fresh air, exercise and fun. There are trails for skiers of every level. Participants are grouped according to ability so that everyone is assured a pace that they will find comfortable.Participation for Ski Club members is free – non-members pay a trail fee of $5.00 per session. The club also has good quality sets of skis, boots and poles which are available to rent for a fee of $5.00

Nov 222013
Nov 192013

View our calendar preview in the slideshow below.(hover near bottom or sides of this post for slideshow controls)

All proceeds from the calendars help support our Mono Nordic Race Program.

Contact bob@ if you would like to purchase a calendar

Oct 312013

Thanks for the pictures Doug.