2019/2020 Registration Is Available!

Registration for 2019/2020 Mono Nordic Ski Club membership and the JackRabbit program is now available through Zone4. More details on the Registration page and at the top of the web form.

Please click the button below to begin the registration process!

We Now Accept Credit Cards & Interac Flash!

Mono Nordic Ski club now accepts all major credit cards (no maximum transaction amount) and Interac Flash (AKA Debit cards that can tap for up to $100). Cash and cheques will be accepted, but we strongly favour debit (tap only) up to $100 and credit over $100.

When the trails are open and the pavilion is closed (i.e. midweek or evenings), you may ski with an active membership or after you have purchased a Day Pass from one of the self-serve kiosks located outside the lower pavilion entrance and at the lower parking lot trail entrance.

Previous Events

Last season’s weather was definitely up and down, but the Mono Nordic Invitational, Family Ski Day, and Annual Ladies Day were all successful again in 2019! Thank you to the many volunteers and coaches who worked hard to make it so, from event planning to grooming and more!