***Due to Public Health restrictions and requirements, there will be changes to Mono Nordic Ski Club operations this season. Details will be posted as soon as they are available.***

1. Do you accept debit and credit cards?

When the Pavilion is open, Mono Nordic Ski Club accepts debit cards as well as all major credit cards (Visa, MasterCard, Amex, Discover), Apple Pay, and Google Pay. Debit is our preferred method of payment as it carries the lowest processing fees.

When the Pavilion is closed, day passes can be purchased with cash only.

2. What can I do now to get me ready for skiing when the snow arrives?

Do lots of hiking. If you have hiking/walking poles use them as it will get your body prepared for the motion of classic skiing. As long as there is no snow on the ground, Monora Park is the best place to start hiking. There are also many hiking opportunities on local trails. Maps to other trails in the area can be found at www.headwaterscommunities.org

3. Where can I buy equipment?

We recommended three local businesses that supply many of our members with quality ski equipment and good service Caledon Hills Cycling and Nordic Centre in Inglewood (south of Orangeville) www.caledonhillscycling.com , Highlands Nordic in Duntroon (south of Collingwood) www.highlandsnordic.ca and Loretto Ski & Board Shop www.lorettoskishop.ca.

4. Is the park open to dogs in the winter?

Mono Nordic Ski Club maintains a dog walking trail off the lower parking lot. (See trail maps) Dogs are not permitted on the ski trails as they cause damage to the trail surface. You may walk your dog on all trails in the park once the ski season is over.

5. When is the pavilion open?

The pavilion is open Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00am to 4:00pm. When open it is a great place to change into your ski boots and meet other members.
If we have enough snow for skiing between Christmas and New Years Day or during March Break, the pavilion will be open during the week. Check our website at that time.
During low snow or hazardous trail conditions the trails and pavilion may close temporarily.
Check the trail conditions tab at www.mononordic.com

6. Can I rent skis from the club?

Ski equipment rentals are available on the weekends at a cost of $10 per day. This fee includes skis, boots, and poles. We will be renting a limited number of skis, boots and poles for the entire season at a cost of $50 per set. If you are interested, speak with the pavilion staff.

7. Do I have to sign in?

Yes. It is very important for you and any guests that you bring to sign in. This is necessary to comply with our insurance contract and it gives us valuable statistics that we can present to local municipalities and other institutions about the recreational value of Mono Nordic Ski Club.

8. Can I snowshoe?

Snowshoeing is not allowed on the ski trails or on the properties that the trails run through.

9. I don’t like to ski alone – how do I find other members to ski with?

There is a group of recreational skiers that meets on Wednesdays. By joining the group you will likely meet skiers of similar abilities. Also, many members have met ski partners through volunteer work in the Club.

10. Do I need to display my membership tag when using the trails?

Members are asked to display their membership tags when they are using the trails. In this way we are assured that those using the trails are paid members and therefore covered by our Club insurance policy.

11. Can I bring a guest to the Club?

Yes – we welcome guests! On Saturdays and Sundays, have your guest(s) sign in at the pavilion and purchase a day pass. Equipment rentals are available during regular pavilion hours (Saturday/Sunday) for an additional $10 per day. If you bring a guest from Monday to Friday, the trail fee is payable (in cash) at the drop boxes found at the trail entrance in the lower parking lot and at the bottom of the pavilion stairs.

12. Who runs Mono Nordic Ski Club?

Mono Nordic Ski Club is a non profit corporation run by the members of the club. We have a Board of Directors that are responsible for managing the operations and finances of the club. Although we have a few part-time seasonal staff members, our volunteer members assist in running the Club by maintaining trails and equipment, hosting at the pavilion and running events.

13. What is the mandate of the Club?

The Club mandate is to provide low cost, high quality cross country skiing opportunities to members of the community, regardless of age or fitness level.

14. Who owns the land?

Our trails run through properties owned by the Town of Mono, Credit Valley Conservation Authority and 3 local residents.