Trail Conditions 2022-2023

9:50am March 26, 2023

No grooming of the trails today. We had some new snow last night which has made for a good spring skiing experience this morning according to a long time club member.

Mar 24, 9:45 am.

Grooming completed.

Conditions are skiable, but with caution, due to bare patches and ice patches.

Beginners should stay on level trails.

Entrance is blue ice. Walk in at the edges, or through the bush.

Mar 24, 9:40am.

Yellow from the pavilion to the purple intersection is closed due to bare patches and ice

Purple around the pit is closed due to bare patches.

Mar 24, 8:53 am

Grooming in Progress.

Advanced trails are challenging with a mix of granular and ice patches. B is bare on the downhill into the Valley. D is bare on the up hill after the valley.

Entrance to the causeway is blue ice. Try the pathway through the bush or walk on the edges.

Caution is required.

Mar 24, 7:53 am

Grooming in progress. Scratching and levelling.

Some bare patches. Some blue ice patches.

Beginners should stay on level trails such as lower A, lower Orange, and Ken’s lane. blue okay but use the Hell’s bells bypass.





March 20, 8:45 am

All Trails have been cut and leveled. Set track remains on the Hardwood loop, and a bit of the Yellow. Set track will be icy, and general conditions will be fast, until the snow warms up. Overall the trails are in good shape. Track was reset on the blue loop, but is not deep and will not harden.

Entrance to the causeway is blue ice and caution needs to be taken in this area. Purple near the cell tower will be icy and is not groomed for about 100 meters in this area.

March 19, 8:45am

All trail have been groomed. Hardwood, Blue and Yellow have been trackset.

There is some new snow on top of yesterday’s blend of granular and fresh. There are a few icy patches to watch for. There is Slush on the purple at the bottom of the pit.

Overall, the skiing should be good today.

March 18, 9:15 am

Conditions are better than expected, and are fair to good, with a bare patch on D just beyond the valley.

There are a few slush and ice patches to watch out for. The entrance to the causeway is, as usual, the worst for this.

Purple at the Pits is closed due to ponding. Use the short cut off Kens lane to avoid this area.

No track has been set.

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