Training Schedule for JD and Masters

Date       Time         Location                                Workout

Sep 21    1-3 pm     Monora Park                         Plyometric + strength

Sep 28    1-3 pm     Lions Club Sports Park       Rollerski: agility, technique, strength

Oct. 5      1-3 pm     5th line & Hockley Road     Hill Intervals

Oct. 12    1-3 pm     TBD                                        Bruce Trail Family Hike ?

Oct 19     1-3 pm     Hansen Blvd (see below)    Rollerski: technique + intervals

Oct 26     1-3 pm     5th line & Hockley Road     Hill Intervals

Nov 2      1-3 pm     Lions Club Sports Park       Rollerski: strength and speed work

Nov 9/10                 Mono Centre                         Overnight training camp

Nov 16    1-3 pm    Monora Park                         Plyometrics + strength

Nov 23    1-3 pm    TBD                                        Rollerski: intervals + technique

Nov 30    1-3 pm    5th Line & Hockley Road   Hill Intervals

Dec 7      1-3 pm     TBD                                       Rollerski: strength + technique

Dec 14    1-3 pm     Monora Park                       Intervals, z1 + strength  (or skiing if snow)

Hansen Blvd google map link:

For Plyometric and hill intervals Please bring dryland poles, water bottle (and water bottle carrier).

For Rollerskiing: Please bring both classic and skate equipment (boots & poles), helmet.  Gloves are also recommended.


Z1= zone 1 – heart rate in which you are breathing comfortably enough that you can talk with your training partner

Z2= comfortable running pace where you can only say 4 to 6 words and then have to catch your breath.

Z3= sustainable race pace

Z4= higher than race pace, not sustainable for longer than 3min