Schedule for JD and Masters

Date           Time              Location                                              Workout

Feb 13        6:30 pm        Monora Park                                         Skate-interval/sprints/technique

Feb 16       1:00 pm         Monora Park                                        Classic; technique+zone 1

Feb  20      6:30 pm        Monora Park                                         Skate-interval/technique

Feb 23       1:00 pm        Monora Park                                         Classic-interval/technique

Feb 27       6:30 pm        Monora Park                                         Skate-sprint/technique

Mar 2         1:00 pm       Monora park                                          Classic-zone 1+technique

Upcoming Races

Feb 17      Suntrail Special-Sawmill Nordic

Feb 23-24  Youth Championships-North Bay

Feb 28-Mar 1 OFSAA-Highlands Nordic

Mar 3        Georgian Team Sprints-Georgian Nordic

Mar 10      Midland Ski Cross-Mountainview Nordic

Please show up to classic practices with skis waxed if possible.  Suggestions will be emailed before practice.

Make sure to bring a change of clothes.


Z1= zone 1 – heart rate in which you are breathing comfortably enough that you can talk with your training partner

Z2= comfortable running pace where you can only say 4 to 6 words and then have to catch your breath.

Z3= sustainable race pace

Z4= higher than race pace, not sustainable for longer than 3min