Schedule for JD and Masters

Date           Time              Location                                              Workout

Sep. 29      1:00 pm          Spencer Ave Elem School              Rollerski: technique and str/zone 1 workout

Oct   6        1:00 pm         Silvercreek Conservation Area(13478 Fallbrook Trail, Halton Hills)   Hike

Oct 13        1:00 pm          5th line & Hockley road                   Hill Interval

Oct 20        1:00 pm          Orangeville Lions Club Sports Park  Rollerski: technique + interval

Oct 27        1:00 pm          Monora park                                      Hill intervals + strength

Nov 3         1:00 pm          Monora park                                      Plyometric + strength

Nov 10       1:00 pm         5th line & Hockely road                    Hill Interval

Nov 17-18   Training camp at Mono Cliffs

Nov 24       1:00 pm          Orangeville Lions Club Sports Park Rollerski: technique + interval

Google map link for Orangeville Lions Club Sports Park

Make sure to bring running shoes in case of bad weather.

Make sure to bring a change of clothes.

Note: If you do not show up with a helmet, you will not be rollerskiing.

We have safety vests that all athletes must wear when rollerskiing.

Ski walking/zone 1 run: Bring dryland poles, change of clothes, water bottle

For rollerski workouts: Bring both classic and skate rollerskis (if you have them) and both skating and classic poles, water bottle, helmet, gloves, both classic and skate boots.


Z1= zone 1 – heart rate in which you are breathing comfortably enough that you can talk with your training partner

Z2= comfortable running pace where you can only say 4 to 6 words and then have to catch your breath.

Z3= sustainable race pace

Z4= higher than race pace, not sustainable for longer than 3min