Mono Nordic Racing

Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.

Our Vision

“The Mono Nordic racing program aims at furthering Cross Country ski racing for athletes from post Jack Rabbit to Masters. Our focus is on enjoyment of the sport, accomplishment of skills and development of a lifelong lifestyle involving cross country skiing and related activities. We believe that training and competing in cross country skiing have inherent benefits for those involved.

Program Overview

Our program builds on the athletes’ existing skills, encourages them to push themselves beyond previous performance levels, and provides the opportunity for them to compete in a team environment against their peers from other clubs.

Mono Nordic athletes are encouraged to set their own goals, and coaches work collaboratively to deliver a coordinated program that helps athletes achieve their personal best no matter what their level of performance. In addition to helping athletes set personal goals, coaches also set Team goals. By participating in the Racing Program, athletes agree not only to support the goals of the Team, but also to assist other athletes to do the same. This commitment to the Team leads to better individual and group performance and builds respect for other athletes, coaches, race officials and the many volunteers who help to make our sport possible. Following guidelines developed by Cross Country Canada and the Long Term Athlete Development program (LTAD) , we start where the Jack Rabbits program finishes.

Our program offers training that is both fun and socially appealing to young skiers at all stages of development. Starting with the Track Attack level for young athletes, (approximately 9 to 12 years with at least 2 years of Nordic ski experience), the Program then moves to more challenging levels requiring additional time and skills.

As athletes’ skills, bodies and maturity develop, their training activity merges into our Junior Development level, (approximately 13 to 18 years of age). From Junior Development activity, athletes older than 18 years can continue to improve their skills and endurance in the Masters stage.

Mono Nordic’s Racing Program offers individual training plan development depending on the athlete’s personal goals.

The Track Attack Program (Learning to Train stage of LTAD ages 9 – 12)

This stage of the Long Term Athlete Development Program builds on the young athletes’ classic and skate-ski skills through game play and prepares the athlete for the next stage, Training to Train, delivered in our Junior Development stage.

Athletes in Track Attack are expected to be able to handle their own equipment and clothing to properly prepare themselves for a skiing session.

Minimum equipment required for this stage:

  • Combi or skate style skis,
  • boots and poles Poles must have standard cloth wrist loops and be the correct length for skate technique
  • Dryland length ski poles and running shoes
  • Water bottle and carrier
  • Basic grip wax kit .

One 1 1/2 to 2 hour dryland session per week. One, 1 ½ hour session and one 2 hour session per week on snow. Both classic and skate techniques will be taught.

Athletes must be ready to start session promptly at the start time. Have their equipment on and water bottle available.

Program Duration: September to March

Juniour Development (Training to Train stage of LTAD ages 13-18)

For athletes aged 13-18 who want to race at a regional level, learn about training, sportsmanship, racing technique and have fun. This program can provide young racers with personalized training, instruction, support in training and recovery, nutrition and technique development through individual monitored training schedules, and team training sessions led by a team coach. Coaching at this stage is most effective when athletes maintain good communication with the coaches regarding training and competition goals or concerns. Especially for those athletes whose goal is to compete in the Ontario Cup Racing Circuit and qualify for the National Cross Country Ski Championships,

Equipment Requirements:

  • Skate race equipment
  • Classic equipment*
  • Fitted dryland poles
  • Access to skate rollerskis
  • Rudimentary wax kit

Training Requirements:

  • 1 dryland session per week with club
  • 2 sessions per week on snow
  • Athletes keep a training log

Masters Program

Our Masters program offers adults who are interested in fitness with nordic skiing a major component of their fitness activity. Whether their interest is in Training to Win or Active for Life, we focus on skill development, training technique and race support at the individual’s level of interest/experience.

The emphasis of the program is fun and improvement of technique while pursuing a higher level of commitment to the sport with the intent on enjoying skiing for life. Athletes are provided a year-round training program which can be customized to meet the athlete’s individual goals. Coaches will monitor the progress of athletes via training diaries and provide feedback on training, technique and nutrition. Depending on the individual athlete’s goals, there are various opportunities for competition.

The training sessions vary from 1 on 1 sessions with the coach, small groups of masters to larger groups in combination with the junior development athletes. Scheduled training sessions, 1 per week start in September and carry on until skiing starts; at that point scheduled session take place twice per week. Masters are fully supported at races.