December Training Schedule JD/Masters/High School Program

Date         Time             Location                                       Workout Dec 2       1:00 pm        5th line and Hockley Road            Hill Intervals-ski striding Dec 9       1:00 pm        Highlands Nordic                          Skate-technique Dec 13     6:30 pm**     Monora Park                                 Skate-technique Dec 16     Yuletide Blast at Highlands-Skate Dec 20     Cancelled Dec 23     No […]

Phil Woods – paralympic guide

Phil Woods, one time Mono Nordic racer, ODSS ski team racer is Robbie Weldon’s guide at the Sochi paralympics: http://www.sochi2014.com/en/paralympic/athlete-robbi-weldon

Season End on the Rocks

I guess it is officially finished now that our season end activity is done. When does dryland training start? More pictures of the rock climbing are on this link

Found – High-End 155cm Poles

 Sunday afternoon (Feb 27), 4:45pm on the racks outside the Pavilion.  One pair of poles was left behind after everything else had been picked up and the Pavilion already locked up for the weekend – they looked too expensive to just leave behind, so I’ve got them in my ski […]

Jim’s report from the Birkibeiner

The American Birkibeiner is part of the World Loppet races, promoted as the largest cross country ski race in the the world and truly an accomplishment in organization for an event. This year there were more than 8,000 participants, 5,500 skied the 50km.  Groups of about 300-500 skiers were started at 5 […]

Our Matt Brown at OCUP #4

Hey Guys So after my first day of racing I’m still feeling okay after all my recovery.  And after a good night sleep will be ready to go tomorrow. I qualified 5th place, with a time of 1:42 . 4.2 seconds behind the pace. The course today was very flat, […]

Jane, one of our Master Women went to Ontario Masters

It was a really fun event suitable for Masters racers of all abilities. It is amazing to see racers in their 60’s and 70’s still going strong. The weather was perfect and they did a good job on the grooming despite limited snow and icey conditions. Klister was mandatory for […]