November Training Schedule JD/Masters

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Oct 302017

Date                   Location                                                   Workout

Nov 4                  5th Line and Hockley Road                       Hill Interval

Nov 11-12           Training Camp at Mono Centre

Nov 18                Monora Park                                             Plyometrics/strength/agility

Nov 25                Monora Park                                             Hill Interval/strength

Ski Striding/Ski walking/zone 1 run: Bring dryland poles, change of clothes, water bottle

For rollerski workouts: Bring both classic and skate rollerskis (if you have them) and both skating and classic poles, water bottle, helmet, gloves, both classic and skate boots.

For Rollerski workouts, make sure to bring running shoes in case of inclement weather

Season End on the Rocks

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Apr 072011

I guess it is officially finished now that our season end activity is done.

When does dryland training start?

More pictures of the rock climbing are on this link

Found – High-End 155cm Poles

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Mar 032011

 Sunday afternoon (Feb 27), 4:45pm on the racks outside the Pavilion. 

One pair of poles was left behind after everything else had been picked up and the Pavilion already locked up for the weekend

– they looked too expensive to just leave behind, so I’ve got them in my ski bag now and will be back at the club on Sunday afternoon for Jackrabbits.  E-mail me if they are yours.

Thanks, Alex Stickler

Jim’s report from the Birkibeiner

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Mar 022010

The American Birkibeiner is part of the World Loppet races, promoted as the largest cross country ski race in the the world and truly an accomplishment in organization for an event. This year there were more than 8,000 participants, 5,500 skied the 50km.  Groups of about 300-500 skiers were started at 5 minute intervals from Cable WI. The result, I’ve never seen so many broken poles and lost baskets.

The atmosphere is a lot of fun and very festive with the Minnesotan and Wisconsinites all wanting to be Swedes and Norwegians… no shortage of skiers with Viking helmets and crazy costumes.

Race day was -16C when we arrived and warmed quickly in the sunshine to +3C by noon.  A nice challenge to find the best wax for the morning.  The trails are tracked three skiers wide for the skate and a separate trial for the first 29k for the classic skiers.  The trail winds across rolling hills of forest, very picturesque.  Sort of reminds me of Duntroon Highlands. Approximately every 7-8km is a check station.

The 50km race ends at Hayward WI where the trail runs the length of Hayward Lake, up a boat launch and straight up Main Street to the finish line with crowds cheering and cow bells to add to the excitment.

I think we should consider a group trip for next year

Jim at Birke 1Jim at Birke 2

Our Matt Brown at OCUP #4

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Feb 132010

Hey Guys

So after my first day of racing I’m still feeling okay after all my recovery.  And after a good night sleep will be ready to go tomorrow.

I qualified 5th place, with a time of 1:42 . 4.2 seconds behind the pace. The course today was very flat, nothing too much to deal with. It was wide and had one reasonable uphill – but nothing too bad. The hardest part of the course was to not get edged out in the corners.

As for the heats: I had first lane choice going into my quarter final. However, after a one hour delay because of timing delays I was hungry and cold when I started. (I did keep moving around and running) I won my quarter finals by getting out in front and holding my position. For semi finals, I had a difficult heat (James Taylor, Nick Monnete : top three move on) I went out hard, and was third right behind them going into all he turns. However, I played it safe on the uphill and didnt force the pass for 2nd, and 4th was right behind me. But by doing this I was edged out on the next turn by the skier behind me and it came down to a lunge for 3rd place. I was outlunged and so I was onto the B- Final.  I got out in front off my start and held my position, and beat out 2nd place in the final  100m .  So I finished in 7th in the heats but was placed 5th for points.

Overall I was pleased with my qualifying time and position but upset with heats.

Jane, one of our Master Women went to Ontario Masters

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Feb 132010

It was a really fun event suitable for Masters racers of all abilities. It is amazing to see racers in their 60’s and 70’s still going strong. The weather was perfect and they did a good job on the grooming despite limited snow and icey conditions. Klister was mandatory for classic!

There was a networking banquet at the event where I met many skiiers from different clubs. The push is to get as many masters out to Soverign Lake for the World Masters next year.

I totally recommend the event for other Masters skiiers.
I should also mention that John’s Aunt Patti ran the entire event while her husband took care of grooming the trails. I could not have done so well without Patti’s help with the waxing. She found the time to help even while running the overall event. And she helped many of the Masters skiiers who needed advice for the classic waxing.

I ended up coming third overall in both the 10km classic and 20km skate both days ( first in my age group each day).