Pavilion Hours of Operation

Our heated Monora Park pavilion, including washrooms and change rooms, is open on Saturdays and Sundays from 9:00am-4:00pm.

Day Passes

For those who elect not to join the Club through an annual membership, or those who just wish to try the sport out to see if it’s for them, Mono Nordic offers Day Passes. A day pass grants the skier with access to the entire 16 km trail system from dawn until dusk and 2 km of lit trails for evening skiing until 9:00pm. Day passes are available from the pavilion during operating hours on Saturday and Sunday. During the week and evenings, visitors can use our convenient drop boxes.

Daily Ski Pass: $10/day

Daily Equipment Rentals

During pavilion hours, rental ski equipment is also available for non-members, including a limited amount of Skate equipment. Equipment rental includes skis, boots and poles. (For seasonal equipment rentals, please visit the Membership page.)

Daily Ski Equipment Rental: $10/day (Guests), $5/day (Members)