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As an additional convenience first responders, Fire, EMS, SAR, and to club members either at home or out on the trail, Mono Nordic now provides two interactive Google Map trail views, in addition to the Town of Mono PDF map already provided.

Mono Nordic Trails – Google MyMaps –

This map, linked on the front page of the Mono Nordic website and created with Google ‘My Maps’ is a hybrid – that is, it utilizes the base year-round Google public map, and it layers on top our specialized winter-only trails, and other features like our informal landmarks and signage which can’t be published on Google Maps itself.

Features: Panning, zooming, layer visibility control, clickable points of interest, landmarks, kiosk photos, Red/Yellow/Orange/Blue Trail directions in key locations, sharing, embedding, turn-by-turn directions and location services (App only).

Not supported: Turn-by-turn directions on winter-only trails.

Monora Park Trails – Google Maps

This map, available on desktop and mobile browsers via Google Maps (, Google Maps App on Android ( and Google Maps App on iOS ( is the base year round Google public map of the Monora Park Trails.

Features: Panning, zooming, clickable points of interest, sharing, background style control, trail names, embedding, turn-by-turn directions, location services.

Not supported: North Pit Trails, South Blue Trails, landmarks, loop codes, trail directionality.

Supported on: Any desktop browsers (Opera, Safari, Chromium, Chrome, Firefox, IE), Mobile Browsers (iOS, Android), Google Maps App (iOS, Android).

For more information on Google Maps, Google My Map, enabling location services on your device and other workflows, please see Google’s Help Guides:

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