It is the efforts of volunteers that make Mono Nordic the great club that it is.

The free work donated by volunteers helps to keep our membership rates affordable to everyone in our community.

Volunteering helps to foster the positive and friendly tone of our club. As a volunteer you get to work and spend time with like minded individuals.

Volunteering time to a community group or event is often cited as an important factor in helping individuals develop a sense of happiness and contentment.  Volunteers feel connected to the community and useful.

Emails will be sent out periodically to the membership with the heading “Mono Nordic Volunteer Opportunity.”  These opportunities may include such things as fall trail work, spring tree planting, volunteering inside the pavilion, looking after the fire pit  or helping out with one of Mono Nordic events or programs such as Jackrabbits, Annual Ski Race,  Elementary School program and Family Day.  If you are interested in a particular volunteer activity, contact the person associated with running the activity by replying to the email address given and let him/her know that you are interested.

Volunteering for a period of 4 hours doing one of the above mentioned activities qualifies an individual to receive the volunteer membership rate for the next ski season.  To receive the volunteer rate for a family membership, a  total of 8 volunteer hours must be donated the preceding year.