Jan 152017

Conditions will be the same today as yesterday. Very fast but controllable. Stay in comfort zone. Speed can not be controlled on steep downhills so only advanced should use Loops B and D that have turns under speed. Skate is preference. Ross

Jan 142017

Jan 14 #2 Skate is the best choice. The trails are very fast. Hard packed base with groomed snow. The blue is likely best for novice and Yellow for intermediate. Ross

Jan 142017

Jan 14th Will be fast this morning. Stay in comfort zone. I am heading out to groom and will update by 10am Ross

Jan 132017

Jan 13th #2 All trails have been cut with the groomer. The whole system is in good condition. Fast but controllable. Skate would be first choice. Some classic track is still in. We are getting a little snow right now which will improve conditions. The groomer will be on the trail for the rest of the day. Ross