Jan 292015

We did not get the 10 cm but the snow was dense enough that I could set a good track. All trails have been groomed for both skating and classic. Conditions will be very good. Unfortunately I had to groom the trails again as a couple of skiers skied on the new grooming before it had time to firm up. If we are grooming, do not ski outside the loop A for safety and to not leave ruts in the new grooming. Ross Sent from Windows Mail

Jan 292015

Ken spent many hour last night taking out the three week old track and prepairingnthe base for today‚Äôs snow. Now it is up to you to do a snow dance and keep it coming. I’ll pack and set a track tonight after the lights are out. It should be good tomorrow and on the weekend. Ross Sent from Windows Mail

Jan 252015

Nothing but good comments from all the skiers today. Only the Orange trail from 10 to 8 is not in good shape. Ross Sent from Windows Mail

trail report

Hard to describe the conditions. Expert racers think they are the best of the year. Novice consider them the opposite. I had a class of grade 4’s today who had a great time in the park. Then some skied out to station7, down Keith’s Cut and Place Matt and returned by way of the orange. […]