Feb 112016

I checked out the conditions on skis this time. Loops A and C are good considering the amount of snow. One of our top racers was training on these two loops and reported good conditions. I’ll control the areas to use on the weekend and Family day. I’m not putting the lights on yet. Ross

Feb 112016

The trails are good for recreational classic skiing. Skating should be restricted to the flat areas with the exception being using loop C The top of Salt’s is very thin. We are going to open on the weekend and have our free family day ski. Ross

Feb 102016

We are getting close to being able to have the trails back. I rolled most of the south half of the trails and then took the groomer over them. Things look OK on most of the area but a little more snow is needed. Loop A and loop C on the new map are the best to use. Ross

Feb 092016

We did not get enough snow to recover the base. However there were four or five who skied a good portion of the system I have the lights off for now Ross