Feb 212017

Feb 21 The good news is that we still have a good base. It is hard packed so I expect it will make it through the next few warm days. I am not going to groom until we are expecting new snow so that we hold the base as long as possible. You will still be able to ski when the snow has had a few hours above freezing. I’ll update this when conditions change. Ross

Feb 202017

Feb 20 The base has frozen very hard. It will not likely be good skiing until an hour after it goes above freezing. Ross

Feb 192017

Family Day The trails will be groomed tonight and tomorrow morning. Conditions will change during the day. They will be fast in the morning. Beginner will have to stay off of the hills until it softens. Ross

Feb 192017

Feb 19 We have just finished a full grooming. It is good spring skiing for classic and skate. Only the open pit area is not open. It is quite fast right now but will soften and slow down soon. Ross