Dec 192014

I just skied the following route on rock classic skies. Nothing grabbed the ski so good for intermediate recreational fresh air. For anyone that knows the trail well, this is were we skied. Loop A to #3, right turn to ken’s lane. Cut over to the bottom of the pits hill just north of the pond,(following the yellow arrows used for walking season) take loop #D to another cutoff to the yellow use in the walking season, return to the cutoff to Don’s Downer, turn again at station #3 and take Ross’s Revenge, return on the orange. Sent from Windows Mail

Dec 182014

I was very pleased to find we held some base through this mild spell. I will finish cutting the footprints and ski marks in the morning. Recreational skiers could even get some exercise on the red trail. We will only need a small snowfall to be back. Ross Sent from Windows Mail

Dec 152014

Nice to see that there are still a number of members skiing today. We are hoping to retain some base through this mild spell. Trails are open for club members but do not ski if your skis are damaging the base, (turning the snow grey) Ross Sent from Windows Mail

Trail report

The red trail has been groomed for skating. Tracks have been skied in only for classic. The blue and the first half of the orange has been packed. The pavilion will not be open but season rentals can be picked up this morning from 10:30 to 12. Ross Sent from Windows Mail