Dec 052016

I have taken the groomer over all but the yellow and blue trails. The loop A would be OK to use with old skis. Stay within your skill level. Ross

Mar 162015

Many good comments on the trails yesterday. This may be the last good ski and in the morning if possible. Ross Sent from Windows Mail

Mar 152015

Trails are in good shape for spring skiing. I did a personal grooming for the first two recreational classic skiers and they reported a good ski. The yellow trail has a 3 foot bare spot at the bottom of the hill parallel to Blind line so control speed so you can cross the 3 foot strip. The skating area is the south half of the red. Follow the grooming. All of loop A & C are good but only use the south half of B, C & D. Conditions should hold today and tomorrow morning. Ross Sent from Windows Mail

Mar 152015

I will try to cut through the frozen base as soon as it gets close to zero. It will be very fast when first cut but should soften by noon or early afternoon. Ross Sent from Windows Mail